IceStone for Your Home

Beautiful, durable surfaces that respect the Earth.

Choosing an IceStone countertop or bathroom vanity means your home will have a truly unique and gorgeous surface that is a breeze to care for. Simply put, there is no other countertop like IceStone.

Made from three simple ingredients – recycled glass, Portland cement and non-toxic pigment – it does no harm to the earth, is safe for workers to install and contains zero resins, glues, petrochemicals, plastics or chemical binders. IceStone is crafted to be stain resistant and almost impossible to burn, so you get a surface that is as easy as it is responsible. 

Available colors for IceStone for your Home

Click on any color for a closer look or to order samples

Product Information

Slab Size : 108” x 60” x 1-1/4” (approx . 45 sq. ft.)

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