IceStone is proud to offer the Vetrazzo line of cement and recycled glass countertops manufactured in the US. Vetrazzo’s selections of colorful recycled glass create a bold and beautiful presentation in any kitchen, bathroom or office and can also be installed outdoors. Each piece of glass is hand positioned into every slab so that every Vetrazzo slab is unique and distinct. Vetrazzo is a perfect product line complimenting IceStone sharing our commitment to the earth and recycling, offering sustainable and beautiful counters.

Available Colors for Vetrazzo

Fair Pearl

Cubist Clear

Martini Flint

Glass House

Umbo White

Emerald Coast

Bretagne Blue

Floating Blue

Chilvalry Blue

Aqua Current

Palladian Gray

Palladian Gray (Sea Pearl Finish)


Orchid Reflection

Classic Black

Cool Titanium

Cobalt Sky

Cobalt Sky - Patina Finish

Charisma Blue

Charisma Blue - Patina Finish

Bistro Green

Bistro Green - Patina Finish

Ruby Red

Ruby Red - Patina Finish


Product Information

Slab Size: 108" x 60". 3cm thickness. (Approx. 45 sq. ft.)

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