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We Can’t do it Without You

We are proud of the quality of our surfaces and the values of our company. But we know that we are just one part of making a homeowners dream kitchen or perfect bathroom take shape. Just as we are only one element of a new commercial space or apartment complex.

We pride ourselves on being true partners with our fabricators, architects, retailers and developers. Being responsive, on time and detail-oriented are some of the reasons that since 2003 we have seen IceStone add to projects of all sizes.

Innovating to Be More Durable:

How IceStone Has Improved​

IceStone is owned by its employees. And it shows in the innovation and quality of our products. We never stop asking how we can make our surfaces better in every way.

Our high tech (and green) equipment combined with innovative shipping methods, has improved durability.

All of the big ideas that have kept IceStone getting better and better have come from our workers. They care because they own the joint.

Architects and Designers

Partnering with Architects & Designers

IceStone is in the business of creation. We strive every day to help architects and designers find that perfect harmony of form and function. IceStone brings one other ideal to life : sustainability. The environmental benefits of our company and our products is not a by-product of our work – it’s the reason we exist. Creating gorgeous, easy to care for surfaces using recycled materials is our passion. We are 100% LEED eligible (200% if you are near our factory in Brooklyn) and our products are Cradle to Cradle certified.

We have partnered with amazing architects and designers on commercial projects for companies like Starbucks, Equinox, Whole Foods and Goldman Sachs. IceStone is in residential developments like the Glass House condos, NYU Langone hospital and even the Environmental Protection Agency offices in Washington,DC. Often the most rewarding collaborations are for that homeowner who wants the centerpiece of their kitchen to be unique and environmentally friendly.

Honoring our Fabricators and Installers

We value craftsmanship as much as you do and are here to provide you with the information and support you need to ensure a successful installation.

IceStone slabs are fabricated like natural stone and require the same fabrication tools. To make sure every installation is trouble-free, we require fabricators to be certified to work with IceStone products.

We have a brief form here, and when you send it through, our Quality Control team will reach out to you to arrange a short phone call with your team to make sure our installation guidelines are clear. Once certified, your installations will be eligible for warranty coverage and your company will be listed on our website locator and our sales people will direct our customers to you.


Building With Contractors and Developers

We know that countertops and vanities are only a small part of the big work of developing and speccing out a new commercial or residential project, but its an important one. At IceStone we know that our products are some of the most visible and heavily used in a home, store or office. We also know that as a company that is built on its “green” value, our products also send a powerful message about the values of the homeowner or business.

Some of the biggest businesses and most demanding jobs have chosen the sustainability, beauty and durability of IceStone. And for projects that aspire to LEED designation, there is no better choice than IceStone. A full 100% of the cost of our surfaces is eligible for LEED credits and that goes up to 200% if the job is within 100 miles of our Brooklyn factory.

And since we are proudly an American company, we can be reliably trusted to get you your surfaces without shipping delays, import hassles or tariffs.

Shining for Retailers & Showrooms

Consumers are looking for beautiful surfaces that are easy to care for and durable. But more and more they are looking for other values as well. They want to connect with a company that shares their sense of responsibility. Sometimes that means looking to shop locally, or supporting a certain type of brand.

IceStone is a “triple bottom line” company. As a certified B-Corp we measure our success by how we treat our workers and how we treat the earth. Not surprisingly, this turns out to be very good for that other bottom line for us and our resellers.

Authorized Retailers of IceStone are able to offer their customers the single most environmentally friendly surface made, but also gain the benefits of being listed on the IceStone website; access to samples, displays and marketing materials; and ongoing product knowledge support. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call.


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