Join IceStone's Referral & Loyalty Program!

We love our customers and want to reward you for recommending us to your friends and family.

IceStone will give a $100 reward to any customer that meets one of the two following criteria:

1. Refer a friend, family or colleague to IceStone resulting in a sale for at least 1 slab of IceStone, SpectrumStone or QuartzStoneThe new customer will just have to communicate with us the name of the person that referred them. We will get in touch with the original customer so they can receive the $100 post installation. 

2. A repeat customer that purchases for a 2nd time (or more!). If you already had IceStone, SpectrumStone, or QuartzStone installed in the past, and are installing it again in another area/location. 

*This offer is not available in the following states: CA, WA, OR, HI.

Please contact us at 718.624.4900 or to apply.

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