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Purchasing a new countertop for your kitchen, a new vanity for your bathroom or a bar area for your rec room is a pretty big decision and we want to help make it as easy as possible. It starts with picking out the material and color that strikes your fancy. Next, let us know a bit about the project’s dimensions and features.

With this information we can either get you an instant quote or we may need a couple of days to gather a quote or two from a retailer in your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that installing this heavy and durable material is the work of our network of certified fabricators and installers. These craftspeople will have the important job of taking precise measurements, custom cutting the surface and installing it. They will also be quoting you a final price. But the estimate we give you will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

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The estimate to the right includes installation. Sometimes costs are lower if we have a partial slab of material that can be used and sometimes they can be higher if the shape of the installation requires more material or special supports.

Great, thanks for sharing all that information.  Give us a day or two to take this and find you the best price from a certified fabricator/installer in your area.  If you decide to go ahead with your purchase, these are the skilled craftspeople who will be responsible for making your installation as carefree as possible.

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