IceStone Shows Resilience Again

After the gut punch of a Superstorm and the ravages of  pandemic, IceStone is showing resilience again.

Brooklyn manufacturer of recycled glass countertops uses another of its nine lives.

Brooklyn, NY. Manufacturing in New York City isn’t extinct, but for one Brooklyn company, it is sure taking a lot to survive. IceStone, manufactures countertops in the most environmentally friendly way possible, but that has not stopped Mother Nature from delivering some pretty big obstacles.  

Superstorm Sandy flooded the company’s Brooklyn Navy Yard factory in 2012, leaving behind five feet of standing water and machinery and electronics destroyed. But the employee-owned company refused to throw in the towel.

This time, the challenge was a complete shutdown of the market. As much time as Americans have been spending in their kitchens during the pandemic, there were virtually zero new countertops being installed. Like so many other businesses, IceStone came to a halt.

Once again, the employee/owners stepped up. Since factory machinery needs regular maintenance, even when not in use, IceStone workers took turns administering TLC during the shutdown and IceStone’s landlord – the Brooklyn Navy Yard – forgave some rent payments.

Now, IceStone is back. The deliveries of recycled glass are arriving and the gorgeous countertops are back in production. Even a new color has been introduced. And with Americans being more concerned about the environment in their homes, business is good for the only countertop that is Cradle to Cradle certified Silver

IceStone is a company dedicated to second chances,” said Chairman Dal LaMagna. “Our recycled countertops are a testament to that philosophy. We have had our own resilience tested and have had to use a few of our nine lives to keep at it.”

As IceStone returns to full capacity, one thing has changed. For a while at least, there will be no factory tours. The combination of art and science that turn recycled car glass or wine bottles into durable and carefree countertops, bathroom vanities and bbq areas, used to make IceStone a popular destination for students and tourists. All tours have been suspended for now. But like IceStone itself, they will be back.


About IceStone

IceStone manufactures sustainable countertops and surfaces made from recycled glass, cement, and non-toxic pigments. Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY, IceStone also practices sustainability in it’s factory using a recycling water system, steam powered kilns, and natural light. IceStone has been in business since 2003, and to date, has saved over 17 million pounds of glass from being dumped in landfills.


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