Introducing IceStone’s New Color: Ocean Grass

Award winning recycled glass countertop manufacturer IceStone releases a dazzling new color.

Ocean Grass

Brooklyn, NY – Just in time for the beginning of summer, leading eco-friendly countertop manufacturer IceStone announces a new vibrant color, Ocean Grass. As always nodding at Mother Nature, Ocean Grass consists of large blue glass with tiny hints of clear and emerald green glass in a white background. We don’t know if the design team at IceStone was at the beach when they felt the inspiration for Ocean Grass, but we do know that everything we do here at IceStone is about paying tribute and protecting the environment.

IceStone incorporates 100% pre-consumer recycled glass along with cement and non-toxic pigment as the three core ingredients for its product. As a company that is all about giving the environment a second chance by making beautiful use of recycled materials, IceStone’s product offerings sometimes change based on what materials are available. IceStone is also very serious about making sure that they can vouch for everything in their supply chain. That in part is why Cradle to Cradle, B Corp, and NSF certifications hold such a high importance in IceStone. Samples of Ocean Grass are available now at For more information on IceStone, please email: or call 718-624-4900.


About IceStone

IceStone manufactures sustainable countertops and surfaces made from recycled glass, cement, and non-toxic pigments. Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY, IceStone also practices sustainability in it’s factory using a recycling water system, electric/hybrid forklifts, steam powered kilns, and natural light. IceStone has been in business for 17 years, and to date, has saved over 17 million pounds of glass from being dumped in landfills. 


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