The Year of the Quartz…Stone

While Quartz is definitely a saturated market, there is no denying its popularity at the moment, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down for 2017. For those in need of the most sustainable Quartz in the market, QuartzStone has you covered.

Made from 94% reclaimed Quartz from crushed waste stone left over in quarries, QuartzStone is affordable, and environmentally responsible, which helps in obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points for buildings. The applicable uses of QuartzStone is the same as any other Quartz products including: countertops, desktops, bathroom vanities, reception counters, and more. QuartzStone color palettes include a range of neutral colors such as “Cloud”, “10pm”, “Greyhound”, and an “Alabaster” color that is whiter than white.

Aside from being sustainable, QuartzStone is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance which is why it will continue to be a popular surface. The incredibly affordable pricing however, is what separates it from other Quartz brands.

For any inquiries about QuartzStone, please go to our “How To Buy” form or call 718-624-4900.