Kitchen Makeover: Before & After

We always love to hear stories from homeowners who have IceStone surfaces in their home. Made from recycled glass, IceStone adds a truly unique look to kitchens and bathrooms. Being a sustainable, environmentally friendly surface is an added benefit that homeowners love as well.

Curt, a homeowner in Glendale, Queens, NY renovated his kitchen and was happy to share before and after pictures with us. His kitchen turned out amazing, and just as remarkable, he did all of the work himself except for the counter. We appreciate Curt taking the time to share his thoughts with us:

“After installing IceStone counters in our kitchen, I couldn’t be happier with the product. We are really concerned with random gas given off by granite countertops and we are pleased that you are using recycled glass and oyster shells discarded by the shellfish industry. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but quite durable as well. We have only sealed it once and there are no stains in the surface, despite spilling food on it daily. We are going to have it sealed again just as a preventive measure. There are no carving marks in the surface despite slipping off the cutting board occasionally. All I can say is that we love it, and so far has exceeded our expectations.”


Take a look at some before & after pictures below:


























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