Please Don’t Read This If You Are Not From New York

At IceStone, we are proud to be an American countertop company. We are very proud to make the single most environmentally sustainable surfaces on earth using recycled glass and no chemical binders. Today, however is about another source of pride – our hometown, New York.

One of the amazing things about IceStone countertops, is that since people throw away all kinds of glass, there is almost an unlimited array of different colors we can use in our recycled glass creations. This led us to the question – Can we make a countertop in the colors of New York teams? Our answer was found in our office:

Ok, this may seem somewhere between boring and uninteresting to you non-New Yorkers. (And it’s just a prototype). But it’s a reminder that even as a lot of people are choosing our gorgeous light/white colors from our palate of 17 choices, we get calls every day from customers who want a little color in their kitchen, man cave, or restaurant bar.

So while not everyone is a fan of the Islanders (fingers crossed), Mets (ugh) or Knicks (don’t ask), if you are interested in a little color in your life, give IceStone a call.

PS: About the sample, a little more blue? More orange? More white? Cast your vote here. 


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