Mancaves, Bars or Arenas With Team Color Countertops? Score with IceStone.

Sports are back…sorta. Let’s celebrate team colors!

One of the amazing things about IceStone’s patented process for making the most environmentally friendly surface in America, is that we use recycled glass that can be found in almost any color imaginable. We have 17 colors on display.

IceStone is perfect for high volume bars and restaurants. Our countertops require no treatment or sealing. They are among the most stain and UV resistant on the market. (We poured red wine all over them and even drew on them with a Sharpie to prove our point. Check out the results.)

Are your customers big Seattle football fans? Check out Ocean Grass. Are they hockey fans in Tampa? Surely you’ve seen Cobalt Ice. Or if you just like the post game celebrations, look at Confetti.

Countertops can be environmentally sustainable, easy to care for and also colorful as the (football) season. IceStone made it so.


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