IceStone: The Safest Choice for Workplaces

Places are opening back up and that includes offices that are in the process of re-opening for employees to physically return to work. Office renovations are happening everywhere and the number one priority is safety post-Covid. 


Where Does IceStone Fit In Regarding Safety? 

– IceStone contains no VOC’s or petrochemicals

– IceStone is safe to fabricate as it contains no dangerous silica

– Sustainable, durable, green friendly (100% recycled glass)

– LEED v4 credits (including recycled content materials, product sourced within 100 miles NY/NJ area, material ingredient reporting [HPD’s], and material ingredient optimization [Cradle to Cradle certified)


Office applications can include but are not limited to: reception desks, conference room tables, kitchen countertops, desktops, tabletops, lobby areas, window sills, food serving surfaces. 

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