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Archiroots is a platform that showcases and educates it readers on green building products, and sustainable design and living. They recently did a write up about IceStone. You can read a short blurb below followed by a link to read the rest of the article:

The List of Triple Bottom Line Companies Being Topped by a Resilient Countertop Manufacturer

A company that uses recycled glass to make durable countertops called IceStone that operates under the triple bottom line.

What are triple bottom line companies?

In a nutshell, they are companies that do not focus on profit solely but assess their impact on the environment and on the people as well. Ending up with three dimensions to base the company on, People, Planet, and Profit. In 2012 superstorm Sandy flooded the factory in Brooklyn Navy Yard, which destroyed the machinery and electronics of $6 million worth.

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