Designing with a Sense of Place



Whether it’s the dense forests of Alaska, the sandy beaches of the California or the fresh smell of rain after a dry spell in Texas, your home landscape will influence how you see the world around you. So when it comes to remodeling your home, your design should pay homage to what is beyond your kitchen walls. From color to style, here are a few ways to give credit where credit is due to what’s right outside your door.


This might come as a no brainer, but there are thousands of colors that come jumping out at you the second you open your door to go to work in the morning. Use them to your advantage! If you and your houseguests see a lot of trees, plants and wildlife before you step inside, try adding more natural colors into your kitchen. Have an apartment in the heart of the city? You can use both the more muted hues of skyscrapers, sidewalks, and signage to better reflect your view. It will make for a seamless transition between what’s going on outside of the home and what’s back in the reality of your home. Check out HGTV’s recent post to see how you can take colors from outside and apply them to your home. 



It may not be exactly what your backyard looks like, but it sure is good inspiration!


Keep it Local

It’s not just helping you when you’re remodeling. When you’re happy with your home, members of your local construction, architecture, design and manufacturing community are smiling with you. When looking into what flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and furniture you want in your new remodel, check your neighborhood supplier or manufacturer instead of going straight to the big boxes. Make sure to see where your products are manufactured too! The closer you can keep it to home, the closer your home is with your environment. Locally recycled or repurposed materials and furniture can really become the talking piece of your kitchen or living room too


Design for Interaction

Critics in the design community have panned the recent designs of the world’s cities as “flashy and static, and we certainly don’t think that’s how you would like your own house described as. When designing central parts of your house like the kitchen or living room, anywhere where your friends and family get together, don’t go so overboard that no one would want to stay there for any longer than they had to. Think of it this way, what is the design of that cramped grocery store that is always empty in your neighborhood? What is the design of the local, spacious bar full of smiling faces and cheers? Take the inspirations from your favorite places outside of them home and bring them back in!


Have some ideas of your own for how you can make your home shine? We would love to hear them!


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