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Think Blue, Stay Green

The minimalist, white palette isn’t going anywhere. A recent analysis of Instagram hashtags revealed that white was one of the most popular colors posted on the platform under #interiordesign. While it may be popular now, don’t you want your next remodel job to really stand out and be one of a kind? Well of course you do! Treat your kitchen or bath to a touch of blue this season and really stand out.

Blue is the color of calmness, stability and serenity. Many surveys show blue polling in as the number one favorite color, especially among men. Darker blues symbolize authority, honestly and loyalty as seen in the popularity of blue palettes in uniforms and business suits. While lighter blues bring the mind to images of water and water related activities.

Think about the wonders of adding a simple change of color can have to your home. Imagine opening your front door from a long day on the job to a view of the ocean, the sounds of water splashing poolside on a sunny evening. Adding bits of blue into your countertops, backsplashes or tiling can transport you from your home to a place of peace in an instant.

But don’t think about throwing out the white just yet! By combining the colors together, you can create an essence of tranquility that comes with blue while maintaining the staple whites that are seen from the paint on the walls to the chairs in the kitchen. The same can be said for natural beige colors, browns and various shades of blue together. The palette will begin to blend together and before you know it, your home is reminiscent of a lakefront in the summertime.

Get inspired with how we use our recycled glass countertops and other eco-friendly material to create blue spaces that are “green” at the same time.

Sky Pearl IceStone

Sky Pearl, a combination of recycled glass, pearl and concrete.

Cobalt Ice IceStone

Cobalt Ice, blue recycled bottles from products such as Budlight Platinum®

Denim PaperStone

Denim by PaperStone

082 Durat

082 by Durat

Need more inspiration? See all our blue installs, along with the whole color wheel in our gallery!


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