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Our team has been making IceStone recycled glass surfaces in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY since 2003. We are proud to provide quality manufacturing jobs right here in America. With the help of our partners, IceStone surfaces are distributed throughout the US & Canada.


We carefully select beautiful, quality, and responsibly made products to add to our portfolio of countertop surfaces, taking the time to vet manufacturers to ensure they meet the highest standards of workplace compliance and environmental regulations. Our stock in Brooklyn helps us to deliver on lead times and meet project deadlines.


As a founding B Corp, IceStone employees are joined together by a common goal: to continually improve the growth and development of our triple bottom line mission of People, Planet, and Profit. Employees own 10% of the company and have an active voice in the operation and direction of the company.

Our Story

IceStone began in 2003 with a simple concept; transform waste glass into something beautiful. Co-founders Miranda Magagnini and Peter Strugatz set out to create a business that integrated sustainable, responsible practices from process to product, and to provide a high design solution that would address a real problem. With capital investment from angel investors such as Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s, activist and author Dal LaMagna, the founder of Tweezerman, Greg Steltenpohl from Odwalla, and Gary Hirshberg from Stonyfield Farm, IceStone recycled glass surfaces were brought to market. IceStone has diverted over 16 million pounds of glass from landfills, and has made its employees partners of the company, all while manufacturing our product in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Today, IceStone’s signature recycled glass and cement products remain an icon of the new countertop industry, delivering unparalleled style that brings design projects to life.

Every IceStone slab is made in our 55,000-square-foot repurposed facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York that dates back to the early 1900’s. Since our founding in 2003, we have made many improvements to the building, while still retaining its historic exterior:

Our factory is daylit with sky lights, reducing energy consumption.

A water recycling system is used in our production process.

Any unusable glass or cement can be recycled

Our goal is to become a zero-waste facility. We are pretty close; we currently recycle over 90% of our waste!

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