Meet Our Team

The IceStone Family

Lisa Bowen

President and Co-Managing Partner

Lisa started out handling orders at Tweezerman in 1982 and ten years later became its President. During her time at the helm, she grew the company from $2 million in sales to $32 million while being honored for her work to empower the employees of the company and for using the company to support the fight against breast cancer and to support the non-profit, Dress for Success. When Tweezerman was sold in 2004, Lisa stayed with the company until she left four years later to raise her twins. Lisa was reunited with Dal LaMagna, the father of Tweezerman, when she came to join him at IceStone in 2015 and, a year later, was installed as the President of the company. Today the twins are older, but still a handful, and Lisa is President and Co-Managing partner of IceStone.

Dal LaMagna

CEO and Co-Managing Partner

Dal LaMagna is a famous business success but that is only half the story. After leaving Harvard Business School he started Tweezerman with just $500. He made, you guessed it, tweezers. He did more than make it a winning business. He gave a 1/5 of the company to his employees and made the enterprise a flagship of the B-Corporation movement.

When he sold the company in 2005 for $57 million, his employees took home $12 million. He wrote a book called “Raising Eyebrows” about this winning combination of doing good while doing well. Dal’s passion for social justice and peace, led him to invest in storytellers who made films about the folly of the Iraq War. He was Executive Producer on several films about the war. He also helped document the remarkable friendship of Timothy Leary and Ram Das in “Dying to Know”. He executive produced a movie about the research into the health benefits of kindness called “The Last Dalai Lama?”.

Dal used his company and the movies as tools to change the world for the better. He also fought for progress the old fashioned way – he ran for office. Dal LaMagna was a candidate for Congress in 1996, 2000, and 2018 and for President in 2008. His message never wavered: dignity for workers, equal justice for all Americans, and a foreign policy of leading with an example of respect for one another. Dal was the first investor in IceStone in 2003 and took over management in 2012. Today he is the CEO and Co-managing Partner and has continued to infuse IceStone with the idea that success should be measured by the quality of our products, the care with which we treat the earth and the love we show for our employees and our customers.

John D’Acunto

Residential Sales Coordinator

John has been enthralled with the arts from a young age. After teaching himself animation as a kid, it was no surprise that he went on to earn a degree in Cinema Arts from Columbia College in Chicago. From a focus on traditional animation in school to exploration of stop-action animation, live action film and game design and development, John was always pushing the envelope in his desire to tell stories with art. Today, John’s creative vision is brought to bear on works of art that are much more concrete – the beautiful and sustainable counters, vanities, and patio uses of IceStone surfaces. Since joining IceStone in 2017, John has shown both a great eye but also the ability to listen to homeowners and residential builders to match the customer’s vision with the perfect IceStone product.

Sonam Dhargye

In loving memory of our dear friend, you will always be in our hearts


Sonam Dhargye was born in Tibet and in 1959 escaped into India at the age of four, along with thousands of Tibetan refugees fleeing the Chinese invasion of their country. Soon after, Sonam entered the Gyuto Tantric Monastery where he was ordained by Ling Rinpoche, senior tutor to The Dalai Lama, and remained a monk for 25 years.

In 1987, he was honored to be selected by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to become the youngest chant master in the more than 500 year history of the monastery. Sonam was quickly recognized for his extraordinary talents in tantric ritual arts such as the creation of sand mandalas. In particular, Sonam was a highly accomplished master of the art of Tibetan Buddhist butter sculpture, called tornados, in which yak butter and dye are combined to create stunningly detailed  temporary figures, rich with symbolic meaning. Sonam served for many years as a ritual assistant to the late Gelek Rinpoche and has also created butter sculptures at significant event for His Holiness. In addition, his works has been exhibited at the Asia Society in New York, the Indianapolis Arts Center, and the Aspen Institute in Colorado.

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