2020 At IceStone – In Case You Missed It. A New Look, A New Lifetime Warranty, A New Color.

We are getting into the retrospective season. Before we slam the door on this crazy and difficult year, here’s a quick summary of the changes over here at IceStone.

If you have had more on your mind than your favorite Cradle-to-Cradle certified, US manufactured recycled glass and cement countertop company, then you probably missed some big doings at IceStone.

2020 – This was the first full year of our new process that produces virtually carefree surfaces. No more annual sealing and lots more durability. Our product has improved so much that this year we began backing them up with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Suddenly we all were at home way more than usual. So IceStone rolled out a brand new website that allows homeowners and countertop professionals to find everything they need to find the colors, the specifications, and the online support they require to visualize what they need. We have even added an ability to chat with a member of our team.

In 2020, necessity was the mother of invention. IceStone had to adapt to a shortage of one type of recycled glass by replacing one color with a brand new one. Ocean Grass was born and it was a hit. Take a look:

We’re not sure we’d say we’re sad to see the year end, but as we take stock, we have had a pretty busy and productive year at our factory in Brooklyn. We look forward to a fresh start and a much better year coming up!


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