Yep, we are that confident. IceStone Now with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

How durable, easy to clean, UV protected, and heat resistant is IceStone? Good enough to last a lifetime we say. IceStone is a countertop like no other. Made from simple ingredients including 100% recycled glass and no chemical binders of any kind, we are the only Cradle to Cradle certified countertop company on earth. With a palette of choices that run from whites to bright colors, IceStone is a beautiful tribute to the values of sustainability. IceStone is also tough as nails. Years of research and dozens of production improvements have made IceStone one of the most long-lasting and carefree surfaces on the market. It requires no sealing, cleans up with soap and water and has been tested with some of the most acidic and staining stuff imaginable (and we posted a video about it). So now, for the first time IceStone is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  Take a look at our offerings or come visit our factory and we’ll show you around.


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