IceStone Announces a New State-of-The-Art QuartzStone


For Immediate Release


New colors as IceStone continues to make its mark in the quartz market with its QuartzStone line

IceStone is famous for its recycled glass countertops. A few years ago, IceStone decided to also become a distributor for like-minded sustainable surfaces, this includes QuartzStone. With quartz becoming the leading countertop material in the market, QuartzStone became an obvious choice for IceStone to distribute.

QuartzStone is made of 93% reclaimed quartz and is manufactured using the state-of-the-art Breton system which is known for its low environmental impact, safe manufacturing process, and product consistency. QuartzStone is non-porous, requires very minimal maintenance, and besides kitchen and bathroom surfaces, is equally suited for heavy use applications such as bars, and food service/prep areas. QuartzStone also holds NSF and Greenguard Gold certifications.

The revamped QuartzStone is available in 6 new beautiful neutral colors: Winter White, Dawn, Snowflake, Dusk, Sundown, and Eclipse. Over 30 more colors are available by special request. To learn more, visit

For more information please call 718-624-4900 or email [email protected]



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