How to Get a Quote or Buy IceStone

IceStone is sold through our network of specially trained fabricators and installers and our authorized retailers. Fill out the information below and we will connect you with one of our amazing partners who can guide you through a flawless installation experience.

*A note about price quotes: Often we get asked why IceStone can’t simply offer a price per square foot or some kind of estimate calculator. Good question. The complexity is in the simplicity of our product. Like most surface makers we offer our products in one slab size. Only after one of our network of fabricators look at the plans and determines how much material is needed and how the installation work would be done, can they estimate what the cost to you will be. Sometimes quotes are dramatically lower if a partial slab can be used and we have it in stock or if a larger job fits efficiently into fewer slabs of IceStone. On the other hand even a super small job may have a higher cost because of the layout or the need to use a full slab of IceStone. Once we know where the IceStone will be installed, and a little about the job, our staff will locate the perfect local fabricator/installer who can give you a personalized estimate.
How to Buy
If homeowner, write "none"