IceStone on Kitchen Impossible

IceStone was featured in Season 5 Episode 10 of Kitchen Impossible titled: “Now We’re Cooking”. Marc Bartolomeo works with homeowners to remodel their kitchens to be exactly what they have always wanted.

Introducing, NEW IceStone

Contact: Ashon McCollin 718-624-4900 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Introducing, NEW IceStone IceStone finds a solution to the once insolvable problem with concrete countertops October 16th 2019, Brooklyn, NY – IceStone and concrete countertops in general are naturally porous. NEW IceStone however, incorporates a new permanently treated technology that enhances IceStone, making it a high […]

Main Street Employee Ownership Act

A press conference was held at IceStone’s factory regarding the Main Street Employee Ownership Act.  Senator Gillibrand and Congresswoman Velazquez spoke at this conference to urge the Senate to pass the Small Business Legislation which was passed in the House of Representative in May. This legislation would support small businesses that invest in their workers […]

Properly Caring For and Maintaining Your IceStone Countertop

IceStone surfaces are unique in that they’re made with 100% recycled glass so it’s ideal that you would want your IceStone surface to last forever. Caring for IceStone surfaces is similar to that of natural stone. You can always find out how to care and maintain IceStone surfaces by reading our Care & Maintenance Guide, but […]