IceStone Will Be Here for You in 2021, But We are Closed for a Few Days Coming Up

We thank you for being there for IceStone during this tough year. If it were not for the designers thinking up creative ideas for our surfaces; architects specifying us for their gorgeous sustainable projects; and the amazing craftsmen and craftswomen who fabricated and installed our IceStone products in 2020, we might not have made it. It’s so true – we […]

Does Happiness Make You Grateful or Does Gratitude Make You Happy?

Actually science has a clear answer on this one. Being grateful – for things large and small – has the power to make us happier. We at IceStone, like so many others, have had a rough year.  Keeping our employees and their families safe while keeping our factory in Brooklyn afloat, has been tough.    But we are grateful. […]

Imagine Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner on an IceStone Countertop. 20% Off Sale Ends 11/30

We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess that you’ve spent more time in your kitchen in 2020. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. So how about a gorgeous new easy-to-care-for IceStone countertop made with recycled glass to be the most sustainable surface on the market? IceStone’s patented process makes durable and unique countertops from a simple and […]

Yep, we are that confident. IceStone Now with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

How durable, easy to clean, UV protected, and heat resistant is IceStone? Good enough to last a lifetime we say. IceStone is a countertop like no other. Made from simple ingredients including 100% recycled glass and no chemical binders of any kind, we are the only Cradle to Cradle certified countertop company on earth. With a palette of choices that […]