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Care and Maintenance

IceStone is manufactured without any petrochemicals or resins, making it an environmentally responsible choice for countertops in the home or office. Care of IceStone is similar to that of natural stone. Like all surfaces, IceStone will show signs of wear and tear over time. With sensible care, you can maintain the beauty and quality of your IceStone surface.

  • General Cleaning
    Use the products recommended in these guidelines. Cleaning products should be free of chlorine bleach, ammonia, acid and citrus scents.
  • Wipe up spills 
    Be especially attentive to spills such as coffee, wine, fruit juices and other acidic liquids, wiping them up promptly with a damp cloth and water.
  • Use trivets and cutting boards 
    Place a tray under coffee machines, soap, and soap dispensers—as with all surfaces, use trivets and cutting boards to help protect the sealer and the surface.

  • IceStone is very dense, but still porous, so surfaces must be sealed. IceStone requires that the fabricator seals before or at the time of installation.
  • A typical IceStone installation requires annual resealing. To determine if it is time to reseal your IceStone, dab a cotton ball in water and evenly wipe the surface in a straight line.

If the water mark is wide and flat it’s time to reseal (left image).

If the water mark is raised and has irregular edges then the sealer is in tact (right image).


  • Sealing is simple! While you can certainly call in a professional, most homeowners opt to do it themselves. We have made it even easier by providing a video tutorial on sealing on the IceStone YouTube channel.
  • You can apply CHENG® Concrete Countertop Wax after sealing for added protection.

You can purchase recommended products at our web store. Note that using products other than those recommended on IceStone can result in less than optimal performance of the material.

  • Cleaners 
    Seventh Generation®All-Purpose Cleaner | Free & Clear
    Method®All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner | Lavender
    Method®Daily Granite Cleaner
  • Sealers 
    IceStone recommends StoneTech® Bulletproof,®
    a high-performance water-based sealant. If your
    IceStone surface was sealed with a solvent-based product, we recommend
    Tenax® Protex
    when resealing.

  • Removing tough stains
    Staining is caused by liquids that have penetrated and discolored the surface. Most stains can
    be removed by using a poultice. Refer to our video illustrating stain removal on our YouTube
  • Removing surface marks/etching 
    Etching is caused by acidic liquids that have discolored, dulled, and/or eroded the surface. If etching occurs, contact IceStone Customer Service: customerservice@icestoneusa.com

IceStone offers a Residential 10-year Limited Warranty and a Commercial 5-year Limited
Warranty for installations that are fabricated and installed by an IceStone Certified Fabricator. Register your warranty on our website and receive e-mail reminders about maintaining your IceStone.


Care and Maintenance Videos

Sealing & Waxing

Stain Removal


What are IceStone® surfaces?

IceStone is a pre-cast surface material made from three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, portland cement, and non-toxic pigments.

Where are IceStone surfaces made?

IceStone surfaces are manufactured in Brooklyn, NY. All glass is recycled from pre and post-consumer sources in the United States. The cement is from York, PA.

Where can I purchase IceStone?

IceStone, LLC sells slabs to distributors and fabricators throughout the United States and Canada. Visit the Showroom Locator on our website for a list of certified fabricators, showrooms, and distributors in your area. Please call our customer service department at 718-624-4900 if you have any questions.

What can IceStone durable surfaces be used for?

IceStone works well in many commercial and residential applications, including, but not limited to, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, conference tables, transaction areas, reception areas, desks, and windowsills. For more information visit our gallery.

How are IceStone surfaces fabricated and installed?

IceStone surfaces must be fabricated and installed by a Certified IceStone Fabricator. Usually, IceStone is fabricated by a shop that has the capacity to cut natural stone, since the machinery used on IceStone is similar. For any technical questions concerning fabrication, please call IceStone Customer Service at 718-634-4900, or view the Fabrication Guidelines.

How much do IceStone surfaces cost?

Installation cost may vary depending on size and scope of the job. Contact a Certified Fabricator, or IceStone distributor in your area to obtain detailed pricing. Only Certified Fabricators and IceStone distributors can purchase IceStone. Find an IceStone Distributor or Certified Fabricator in your area.

Is IceStone scratch resistant?

IceStone is very scratch resistant, however, as with all surfaces, we recommend using cutting boards.

Is IceStone heat resistant?

IceStone surfaces can withstand incidental heat contact up to 450° F. However, please note that the sealer and wax applied to the surface might not be heat resistant, so hot plates or trivets should be used under pots and pans recently removed from a heat source.

What are the dimensions of an IceStone slab?

IceStone slabs measure 52.5″ wide by 96.5″ long, and 1.25″ thick (35 square feet). Dimensions are nominal.

How much do IceStone surfaces weigh?

IceStone surfaces weigh approximately 16.3 lbs. per square foot, (570 lbs. per slab).

Can IceStone surfaces be used outdoors?

While IceStone has been used in outdoor applications, they are not recommended, and will not be covered by the warranty. If you have a specific question concerning an outdoor application, please contact IceStone Customer Service at 718-624-4900

Can IceStone surfaces be used for flooring?

IceStone has been used as flooring, however, this type of application will not covered by the warranty. Please consult Customer Service at 718-624-4900 before using IceStone as flooring.

Can IceStone slabs be milled down to less than 1.25” thickness?

IceStone, LLC does not recommend reducing the manufactured thickness of 1.25”. All IceStone properties (compressive and flexural strength) are ASTM certified for standard 1.25” thickness and these properties can be affected by modifying the thickness of IceStone slab. Milling down IceStone will effect structural integrity, and will void the warranty.

What edge profiles are possible with IceStone surfaces?

Edge profiles recommended by the Marble Institute of America are appropriate for IceStone surfaces, including, but not limited to, the ones shown below.


What finishes are available for IceStone surfaces?

IceStone surfaces are manufactured with a high-gloss finish, but a fabricator can alter the finish of the slab. Only slabs with the manufactured finish will be covered by the warranties.

How do I care for my IceStone surface

IceStone surfaces can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and one of our recommended cleaners. For a list of our recommended cleaners, or to order any recommended products, please visit our store. 

Do IceStone surfaces need to be sealed or waxed?

IceStone does need to be sealed, and as such, requires the fabricator to seal the product before, or at the time of installation. IceStone also seals all slabs before they leave the factory. While IceStone does not require the use of wax, for optimal surface performance, application of wax is recommended. For ongoing maintenance recommendations, a list of recommended sealers, or to purchase recommended products, please visit our store.

Are IceStone surfaces UV-resistant?

Yes. Since IceStone surfaces do not contain any petrochemicals, IceStone does not fade in sunlight.

What is Cradle to Cradle?

Cradle to Cradle is a certification system that rates product safety, recycled content, recyclability, and manufacturing processes. This certification represents our commitment to designing products according to the highest standard of health and human safety.

What does the NSF-51 symbol represent?

IceStone, LLC is dedicated to creating healthy products and is certified by NSF International for NSF/ANSI-51. This certification indicates that IceStone has been approved for use in splash zone applications in food-related establishments, such as decorative salad bars, cashier stations, tray counter areas, etc.

What is a B Corporation?

B Corporations are a group of purpose-driven companies that create benefit not only for shareholders, but also for employees, the community, and the environment. IceStone is proud to be one of the founding members of B Corp alongside such pioneers as Seventh Generation and New Leaf Paper. To learn more, visit bcorporation.net.

What is an HPD?  Does IceStone have one?

An HPD (Health Product Declaration) is a reporting tool that standardizes the disclosures of all ingredients associated with making a product. This allows specifiers to make informed decisions on product purchasing, as it pertains to sustainability.

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