PaperStone Cutting Board

IceStone, a leading manufacturer in sustainable countertops and exclusive Northeast distributor for PaperStone, has announced the availability of PaperStone cutting boards. The cutting board is made from the same ingredients that make up PaperStone countertops, 100% recycled paper and petroleum-free resin, along with the same steel-like durability, stain resistance, and non-porousness that customers have come to expect from PaperStone surfaces.

With dimensions at 13”x18”, PaperStone’s cutting board is dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 350º F, with a surface that resists bacteria and germs, and won’t dull knives. IceStone will be selling the cutting board in PaperStone’s “Slate” color, and it is available now on for $29.99. Free shipping is included when you type in the code: psboard at checkout. You can purchase a PaperStone cutting board at: