Introducting Durat, IceStone’s newest line of sustainable countertop material


IceStone, always looking to move forward in inventive and sustainable recycled countertop material has now taken Durat as it’s newest line of surfaces.

Founded in 1990, Durat is the leading manufacturer of sustainable solid surface material and established on the principles of combining recycling and design. Drawn to the vibrancy of Durat’s diverse color palette, the unique, speckled texture of the material and it’s ability to be molded and shaped, universities, hotels, corporate offices, and restaurants have all found a whole new means of artisanal expression. Companies such as Crayola, SESAC, Hattilo and the New York Public Library have incorporated Durat surfaces in the form of chairs, sinks, shelves, countertops and tabletops.

On bringing Durat to IceStone, our President, Jana Milcikova, said “It was an obvious choice to bring in such an innovative material. When people think solid surfaces, the last thing they think is sustainability. But with Durat’s combination of beauty and recyclability, it reflects what our mission is all about with IceStone.”

Durat, along with IceStone and PaperStone will be on display at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Los Angeles under the modern Surfaces title on October 5th through the 7th.

For more information on Durat or to recieve samples, please contact us here.


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